The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® are founded on an ancient Maya technique of ABDOMINAL MASSAGE. This technique is performed externally by gently guiding and supporting organs back into their optimal position, allowing for improved functioning, increased nutrients to organ and removal of toxins.

Arvigo therapy is best known for addressing misalignment or congestion in the reproductive organs, digestive issues, urinary issues, and a host of seemingly unrelated ailments. This technique can effectively alleviate tissue congestion and organ constriction to improve the vital flow of energy, blood, lymph, and nerves. It addresses and can release emotional and energetic tension from the affected areas and this can eliminate the progression of chronic disease symptomology, and improve the body's ability to self-repair and balance.

Digestive and Emotional Benefits for Men and Women:

Individuals with digestive disorders benefit greatly from Maya Abdominal Massage. Many of our common digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Indigestion, Constipation, and heartburn are treated with antacids, muscle relaxants, and a variety of other medications. These treatment address symptoms, not the causes. By using the techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage, the upper abdomen is also given a deep, thorough massage to loosen the tight muscles around the stomach and the arteries that feed the digestive and eliminative organs with their vital blood supply. The diaphragm is gently massaged allowing relaxation of tight musculature.

ATMAT was designed to support and enhance your health and wellness. It is not meant to be a comprehensive approach to health care. As always you should consult your doctor first if you have any serious medical conditions.

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